(IN) ÁCIDO KÓJICO Produção de ácido kójico a partir de glicerina

Kojic acid

Production of kojic acid from crude glycerol


  • Cosmetics, pharmaceutical, chemical, and food industries.
  • Agriculture.


Kojic acid production using selected filamentous fungus isolated from the Brazilian biodiversity. The production is carried out in a submerged fermentation with crude glycerol (glycerin), a biodiesel co-product, or a commercial standard glycerol as the sole source of carbon.


  • Product with several commercial applications.
  • Adding value to the biodiesel production chain, with improved commercial and environmental sustainability.
  • Fungus from the Brazilian biodiversity preserved under quality standards at Embrapa Agroenergy’s collection.
  • The filamentous fungus is able to produce kojic acid using glycerin (crude glycerol) from different biomasses.


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