(IN) BAGAÇO DE MALTE Pré-tratamento alcalino e hidrólise enzimática para liberação de glicose a partir de bagaço de malte

Malt bagasse

Alkaline pretreatment and enzymatic hydrolysis to release glucose from malt bagasse 


  • Companies in the processing sector – agro-industry.


Alkaline pretreatment process followed by enzymatic hydrolysis for release of glucose from malt bagasse. The alkaline pretreatment promotes biomass delignification, exposing the cellulose fibers, making them accessible to enzymatic action. A maximum conversion of cellulose into glucose (74%) was achieved when sodium hydroxide was used at a concentration of 4% (w/v).


  • Obtaining cellulose with a high degree of purity.
  • Possibility of using residues from the brewing industry.


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