(IN) BAGAÇO DE MALTE Processo combinado de auto-hidrólise e hidrólise enzimática para pré-tratamento de bagaço de malte

Malt bagasse

Combined auto-hydrolysis and enzymatic hydrolysis process for malt bagasse pretreatment 


  • Companies in the processing sector – agro-industry.
  • Food industry.


Combined hydrothermal process of auto-hydrolysis and enzymatic hydrolysis as pretreatment for release of glucose from malt bagasse. The auto-hydrolysis pretreatment removes the hemicellulose and chemically modifies the lignin, facilitating the access of enzymes to the cellulose, which will be converted into glucose.


  • Does not require the addition of reagents, besides water as solvent, for the deconstruction of biomass.
  • Possibility of using residues from the brewing industry.


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