(IN) MACAÚBA Processo de extração de óleo de polpa de macaúba por via úmida com enzimas


Obtaining of macauba pulp oil by aqueous extraction enzyme assisted process 


  • Biofuels, oleochemical, food, personal care, cosmetics, and feed industries.
  • Oilseed processing companies.
  • Agricultural cooperatives.


Process of extraction of oil from macauba pulp from fresh fruits, using commercial enzymatic cocktails. The technology consists in extracting oil from macauba pulp using water and enzymes that increase the efficiency of the process without compromising the quality of the oil.


  • Clean process with low environmental impact.
  • High extraction efficiency allied to high oil quality.
  • Eliminate drying of the fruits: reduction of energy consumption, time, and labor.
  • Residual biomass with low lipid content.


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