(IN) TORTA DE PINHÃO-MANSO Processo de destoxificação de torta de pinhão-manso

Jatropha curcas cake

Detoxification process of Jatropha curcas cake 


  • Animal nutrition (monogastric and polygastric).


Degradation process of toxic compounds (phorbol esters) present in Jatropha curcas cake by cultivation of macrofungi, with formation of bioactive metabolites (polysaccharides, proteins, sterols, among others) in the pretreated biomass.


  • Increased digestibility and metabolizable energy of the feedstock through partial delignification and depolymerization of biomass.
  • Alternative treatment of oilseed cakes with restricted use due to toxic factors in animal nutrition.
  • Bioenrichment of Jatropha curcas cake with incorporation of bioactive microbial metabolites.
  • Reuse of residues.


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